Laurel Mathieson, CPA

Tailored accounting and tax services for individuals and businesses in the community;

After several years of climbing the ranks in public accounting, I decided to leave my position as Tax Manager for a local CPA firm and venture out on my own. This was in 2007. For the next eight years, I maneuvered through the Great Recession, innumerable tax law changes, and immense personal growth. Tired of Minnesota’s never-ending cold, I transitioned to Florida in 2015 and opened Laurel Accounting & Tax.

I believe my background gives me a unique opportunity to better serve individual and business clients. Leading a brand new company through the Great Recession gave me first-hand experience in maneuvering through the Minefield of Big Surprises. We educated ourselves in new industries, and successfully broadened our focus to includes everything from real estate and construction to manufacturing. When life tossed in some personal challenges, I was able to regroup, set new goals, and pirouette (or, fall with style) into a new setting.


“Without order, there is chaos.”

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial to a successful business, but in order to achieve adaptability one must first understand oneself. Luca Pacioli is considered the father of accounting and known for other great quotes such as:

“The debits go on the left and the credits on the right!” and

“Though the businessperson’s head has a hundred eyes, yet there are still not enough for all their duties.”

Pacioli got it – even back in 1500, and devoted his life to creating and teaching an accounting system whereby one can “know thyself.” Accounting is that solid foundation which will allow you to successfully maneuver the Minefield of Big Surprises, and pirouette to your dreams.